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Patrol Car and Camera

Patrol Vehicle

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with continuous video recording while on patrol, to which clients have access. Any criminal activity caught on camera is eligible to be used in a court of law.


Aerial Surveillance

Supervisors are equipped for site security surveys and security surveillance to help in crime suppression. Drones are equipped with video recording and still picture capabilities.

Client Benefits

Gain More Time

Our clients typically face an over-burdened workload every day. We can minimize the time associated with reviewing  reports. Our clients are able to get an overview of the security function in one place in just minutes, giving them more time to manage their other daily tasks.

Track Maintenance Issues

Another challenge that our clients face is managing the maintenance and upkeep of their facilities. Regular upkeep is a must to help keep
your employees and customers safe and secure. We allow our clients to review and manage any maintenance related issues that have been identified and reported by our officers.


Digital Reporting

As a security guard provider Chesapeake Protective Services realizes that the ability to quickly collect, deliver, and access the information that our security officers provide is critical. As a result of that understanding, Chesapeake Protective Services has partnered with other companies to manage our reporting process. Our reporting app speeds the delivery of important information from our officers to our clients by delivering their reports via the web. The submitted reports are securely stored in the cloud so that Chesapeake Protective Services and our clients have instant access to them whenever they are needed.

Minimize Paperwork

For most of our clients the amount of paperwork that they handles from day to day can be a nightmare.  We are able to reduce the amount of security related paperwork. that they handle. Our clients can log into our client portal to review all their security reports.


Minimize Liability

Premises liability lawsuits result from the failure of business proprietors, to implement reasonable and ordinary security measures for the protection of their customers or employees. Such measures may include monitoring lighting, repair of locks, and overall maintenance of the business property.
Our Reporting App helps reduce your liability by allowing you to accurately document the management of any security related matters.

Manage Emergencies & Incidents

Keeping your employees and customers safe is the top priority for Chesapeake Protective Services. In order to ensure that our officers respond appropriately to an emergency our Guard Reporting App uses 3
functions to help ensure proper response:

1) An incident checklist that guides officers through an emergency;
2) Digital post orders that provide detailed response actions; and
3) Real time review of incident reports

Real Time Monitoring

As part of our reporting service we also offer our clients the ability to track our officers’ patrols in real time through the use of a Guard Tour Tracking System. Guard tour tracking systems have become an essential tool for security guard vendors. The purpose of a guard tour tracking system is to monitor the time and log the activity of security officers while making rounds of your property.These systems are designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging
accidents. You can see our officers in real-time as they patrol your property right from our client web portal.  



• Daily Activity Reports • No software to download
• Incident Reports • Saves time and money
• Mainatenance Reports • Email notifications
• Incident Checklist • Reports include photo and video
• Pass Down Logs • Access reports from the internet
• Parking Violation Report • Customizable
• Equipment Temperature Log • Eliminates paper reports
• Vehicle Check In Log • Works on computers, tables, and smart phones
• Post Orders • East to setup, manage, and use
• Visitor Check In Log • Secure online storage & real time reporting