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Protection You Can Trust

Whether you are worried about theft or wondering if public nuisances are harming your business, Chesapeake Protective Services, Inc. is here to protect you, your employees, and your property. Our Baltimore, Maryland, company offers both armed and unarmed guards depending on the type of activity in the area and the level of assets you need protected. Even if your area is not high in crime, a strong security presence can defend against potential threats and give you the peace of mind you need.

Gain More Time

With the workload you face every day, we understand you don't have a lot of time to read and analyze reports. By using digital reporting through an outside vendor, we minimize the time associated with reviewing our officers' reports, instead giving you a comprehensive overview in one place in just minutes. That way you have more time to manage your other daily tasks.

Minimize Paperwork

For most of our clients, the amount of paperwork that they handle from day to day can be a nightmare. We reduce the amount of security related paperwork that you must handle by working with an outside vendor. You can just log into our client portal to review all your security reports.

Client Monitoring Online Reports

Track Maintenance Issues

Another challenge that our clients face is managing the maintenance and upkeep of their facilities. Regular upkeep is a must to help keep your employees and customers safe and secure. Our outside vendor allows our clients to review and manage any maintenance related issues that have been identified and reported by our officers.

Unarmed Security Guard

Manage Emergencies and Incidents

Keeping your employees and customers safe is the top priority for our staff. In order to ensure that our officers respond appropriately to an emergency, our guard reporting vendor services uses three functions to help ensure proper response: an incident checklist that guides officers through an emergency, digital post orders that provide detailed response actions, and real time review of incident reports.

Investigative Services

• Domestic Violence
• Process Service
• Divorce Matters
• Background Checks
• Family Law Cases
• Accident Cases

Security Services

• Armed & Unarmed Security
• Off Duty Officers
• Community Patrol
• Escorts
• Marina Protection
• Government Protection